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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


I am here to mention some reasons why a girl want to lead an independent life .

CHILHOOD(10-15 years):
In childhood most of the girls dreams would be like,in the morning she want a peaceful walk with her dad,at nights she want to spend time with parents for sharing what she has been done in the whole day and want them to say some stories to go for a sleep.If holidays came,she want to go to tours and enjoy with her family for making some beautiful memories in her childhood.
                  But in this busy world ,parents are  busy with their  works at their offices, home works and not spending a little time too with their children.
At the age of 14-15 ,girls may take wrong decisions with their low merchurity level, at that time girls  require a strong support from their parents to accept their apologies and to give second chance to trust her. Some parents will trust and take care of her and show practical situations to change her thoughts for not doing the same mistake again .But some parents will raise that mistake for every situation, hurting her by remembering it again and again ,at that stage girls may go to depression and think even my parents are not trusting me and understanding me and think I have to enjoy myself independently .So If in a girls childhood life ,the small dreams would not have been fulfilled,some girls decide to lead a happy independent life.
            ADULT(16-25 years)
At adult age some girls want to be independent ,reasons may be like
-Not to depend on others for anything in their life.
-According to present society how the mentality of most of the boys became worst  thinking about it some girls may don't want to believe any boy to lead her life with him,whether he would be lifelong with her in even difficult situations or not .

-Dont want to adjust for anything or anyone in her life .
-Some girls want to become boss and take every decisions on her own .
- Some girls want to travel the world ,meet different people ,make life long  memories.
-Some girls may failed in love and dont wanna welcome any other boy in her life,want to lead her life with her past  memories .
-Some girls wanna be only with their parents life long ,watching their health , making them happy.
-Some girls want to give whole life for social services.

  In this all aspects some girls want to enjoy her independency in different ways. But the society , people, relatives don't allow a girl to be independent ,kill her with their stupid talks ,insult their parents .....etc many reasons. Most of the girls marry only for their parents and parents killing their daughter peace,happiness marrying to a wrong guy.

So I wanna say only thing ,if a girl want to lead a independent life ,let her live,parents listening to the words of relatives, society,stupid people talks,don't kill her feelings ,she need only your support and love .So please parents listen only the heart of your daughter , understand her,stand beside her so that the society,people,others cannot do anything ,the stupid people can only do loose talk and they will definitely suffer for that talks one day in future but your daughter wanna be very happy , successful and can lead a satisfied life till her end of the life.


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